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Wordless Wednesday - Sleep is good zzzzzzzzz


Milo and Alfie wrote a lovely post for LiveStrong. So many of you in the CB world were very organised and wrote posts to pay tribute to ones you have lost (both animal and human), and honour those who are currently battling and beating the big c….. I was most impressed and feel awfully guilty that I was nowhere near a computer. I have to admit, I was absolutely useless and can’t even blame the parentals for hogging the computer.
You see, this weekend was the first weekend of absolutely beautiful weather, so I was selfishly outside sunning myself and exploring.

So I’d like to pay a belated, but nonetheless important tribute to my Mum’s first doggie Danny. She says he was the bestest dog ever with the cutest personality. He was a chubby, happy and lovable golden lab… who sadly at the end of of his long life battled with cancer of his throat. I would like to pay tribute to an awesome dog who made my Mum (and Dad, he met him too 8 years ago) very happy. And even though I’m not exactly a fan of dogs (I get a bit scaredoes of them), as far as I’m concerned if my Mum loved him to pieces then he must have been pretty freaking awesome. I’ll try and find a photo and post it up.

This post is in memory of Danny the dog, and Mum’s friend Shaylee, along with her Pa (the ultimate fighter). A big shout out especially to all those currently battling c…. in particular a friend’s son who is trying to get well enough to have a bone marrow transplant.

LiveStrong and LoveStrong,

Oscar xx

No photo today, camera batteries need to be recharged… Where is my assistant to do such things?!

You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had a lot of fun tonight! I played with print outs of mum’s work and turned it into many many pieces!! Sooooo much fun! Mum said I’m lucky I’m cute… She just can’t get angry at me 😉

And last but not least, I’m an official Naughty Kitty Club Member! Perhaps for obvious reasons muhaha. I’ve put my badge on my buddies page (let me know if you want to be my buddy). I think I’ll have to change my WP theme to display it better.


Mancat Monday! That's the right spot!!

Ahhhh that's the right spot!

Fun times being manly on a Monday and scratching (not to worry, no fleas, just that annoying collar!)… check out what that flashy box does to my eyes! Freaky!



So last night my Mum was working away (in the office) not aware I am chillaxing on the windowsill…. hidden by the curtains.

I realise I can have some fun with this! I start meowing…. just quietly, but loud enough she starts wondering where I am. I like to hang out with her while she works, so she is looking in all my usual spots. I leave it a few minutes and meow again, and again… until she realises where I am! And then what is that?! That dang flashy box again!! What is with her and that thing? All the time!

Trying to go away with Dad

What do you mean I can't come away with you for the weekend? Dad?!!! But I fit so nicely in your bag! What is with that flashy box thing?! Gosh!

Fine I shall stay then!

Fine then, I guess I'll stay with Mum... if I must *meow*

I miss Dad

Boohoo, I miss Dad.... he is always home for lunch and cuddles 😦

Also, still looking for friends to add to my friends page (and link to your blog). I’m doing that this weekend, so let me know if you want to be my friend…. Don’t make me feel lonely and desperate!


The weekend started off on a high: it was BOYS ONLY weekend of fun! Mum flew down to Christchurch to spend the weekend with family, while me and Dad had alone time. He goes away a lot so I was uber excited to spend lots of Oscar Time with him!!

But then I got scardoes when I heard through the cat-vine that there had been a very big earthquake in Christchurch! I was concerned for Mum, and more importantly, concerned for myself. Afterall, she is the one that feeds me most mornings and is the one I can easily wake up with headbutts and purrs… Dad isn’t as much fun because when he is asleep, NOTHING I can do will wake him (trust me, I’ve tried, and have now made it my life mission to wake him at least once).

All was good, Mum and her family are safe *phew* and she came home last night. I gave her lots of smoochies and cuddly time!

On another note, lots of love to all the cats that have gone through the scariness of an earthquake. I can’t imagine what that would be like… I’ve heard lots of kitties ran away. I hope they have made it back home safely.

So, please forgive me folks… I’ve been a tad preoccupied and haven’t visited anyone’s blogs yet. I will do soon!! Promise!


xx O

PS: You can find out more about the quake here, or find out how to donate here.

Life is tough - I have to take breaks between blogs

Life is tough - I have to take breaks between blogs

sleep is good

This weekend has been full of naps!

I'm famous! All thanks to Huffle ;-)

Look, it's me on Huffle's blog!

Can you imagine my surprise when I check my emails and I see I have all these comments?! Talk about excited!! So I owe one big shout out to a very cool black kitty called Huffle Mawson… oh who am I kidding – Huffle doesn’t need a last name. She is like Madonna…. she is one super famous black kitty on the web. Thanks so much Huffle, it was so kind of you to share the love.

You all sound like a lovely bunch – I send one big Kia Ora to everyone and I promise to respond to all the comments and check out your blogs once the parentals give me some decent time on the computer.

While surfing the net I found some inspiring material for Operation Rule Halloween:

Genius - bad luck in a nutshell (what I aspire to)

Genius - turns out it really is all about the location!