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Thank you all so much for your feedback to my last post I’m not fat… I know The Parentals really appreciate the advice. The scariest person ever Vet has always recommended a particular dry food, and most recently the low calorie version. They know I don’t like it, but have wanted to do what is best for my health based on what the vet has said…. they have decided to try other yummy foods which makes me one very happy kitty!! I’ll keep you posted on my hopeful weight loss 😉

Very happy kitty



No photo today, camera batteries need to be recharged… Where is my assistant to do such things?!

You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had a lot of fun tonight! I played with print outs of mum’s work and turned it into many many pieces!! Sooooo much fun! Mum said I’m lucky I’m cute… She just can’t get angry at me 😉

And last but not least, I’m an official Naughty Kitty Club Member! Perhaps for obvious reasons muhaha. I’ve put my badge on my buddies page (let me know if you want to be my buddy). I think I’ll have to change my WP theme to display it better.


Mancat Monday! That's the right spot!!

Ahhhh that's the right spot!

Fun times being manly on a Monday and scratching (not to worry, no fleas, just that annoying collar!)… check out what that flashy box does to my eyes! Freaky!

Peaceful Sunday

Quiet Time



So last night my Mum was working away (in the office) not aware I am chillaxing on the windowsill…. hidden by the curtains.

I realise I can have some fun with this! I start meowing…. just quietly, but loud enough she starts wondering where I am. I like to hang out with her while she works, so she is looking in all my usual spots. I leave it a few minutes and meow again, and again… until she realises where I am! And then what is that?! That dang flashy box again!! What is with her and that thing? All the time!

Trying to go away with Dad

What do you mean I can't come away with you for the weekend? Dad?!!! But I fit so nicely in your bag! What is with that flashy box thing?! Gosh!

Fine I shall stay then!

Fine then, I guess I'll stay with Mum... if I must *meow*

I miss Dad

Boohoo, I miss Dad.... he is always home for lunch and cuddles 😦

Also, still looking for friends to add to my friends page (and link to your blog). I’m doing that this weekend, so let me know if you want to be my friend…. Don’t make me feel lonely and desperate!


Blame it on The Parentals spending too much time on the computer.
Blame it on the storm that hit NZ which the Met Service said was “the size of Australia”.
Blame it on me being a cyber kitty newbie…. but never fear, I did get to celebrate International Meow Like a Pirate Day!!

Oscar celebrates International Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy maties! Meow! Arrrrrr!

On another note… it dawned on me I need to create a Friends Page with links to your blogs… who wants to be my friend?!
Promise I won’t make you walk the plank ;-P

Arrrrrrrr / Meow,

Oscar xx