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Thank you all so much for your feedback to my last post I’m not fat… I know The Parentals really appreciate the advice. The scariest person ever Vet has always recommended a particular dry food, and most recently the low calorie version. They know I don’t like it, but have wanted to do what is best for my health based on what the vet has said…. they have decided to try other yummy foods which makes me one very happy kitty!! I’ll keep you posted on my hopeful weight loss 😉

Very happy kitty



Exactly how I feel

I found this image and it says everything.

A while ago the scariest person in the world the vet put me onto cardboard biteslow calorie food‘ claiming my belly was too big. I prefer to look at it differently, I’m not fat, I’m just big boned… and cuddly! Now I’m on diet food and I am not a happy chappy. My Parentals have attempted to be smart and put in half kitty biscuits they know I like, and half of the low calorie stuff. Do they think I’m stupid? Really? So I showed them, and I ate everything but the low calorie yuck stuff haha!

Okay, that was my rant. That is all!

O x

Just chilling

I’ve had one of those weeks where I just need cuddles. Yes, sometimes as a mancat it is hard to admit these things… but I said it. I even woke my Mum up at 4.30am the other day demanding attention. I think the return of Evil Neighbourhood Kitty has made me quite insecure. I read your comments and many of you told me to be her friend, that she was gorgeous… blah blah blah. Yes, dangit, she is super cute but she is taking over my turf and my parentals go all googoo over her.

This makes me one jealous kitty.

You see, I’ve never had to share the attention before. Since my parentals adopted me, it has been just me and them. One happy family.

But you my friends are wise, and I must take your advice and overcome this irrational issue and be her friend. Maybe I’ll see if she wants to come and chill on my new 3 seater swinging seat on the deck… just as long as it isn’t really windy, then it gets too swingy and I feel funny.

Oscar x

PS: omg it is almost Halloween!!!!!! I can’t wait. I’ve been practicing my scariness and can’t wait to bring it!
It does concern me that I’ve overhead my Parentals say things like Halloween, Oscar, costumes and photograph all in the same sentence… more than once. Could this be what is in store for me?

A couple of black birds on the front lawn! So most of you were right!! And then the rest of you were so onto it you jumped the gun because guess who made an appearance that made me run off and out onto the yard??? (I was too fast for my assistant to capture this moment with the flashy box – useless I tell you)

Evil Neighbourhood Kitty – remember her?!

Evil Kitty Cat

Just when I thought The Evilness had left the neighbourhood or just knew to keep off my turf – she strikes again! Suggestions kitties, suggestions!? How do I keep her away for good?

Let me clarify: ManCat Monday Everyday!

I spent most of my weekend exploring and sunbathing because it is warming up here in New Zealand – roll on summer! I would show you photos but WordPress is being sooooo annoying and I can’t seem to insert any photos. I think you blogspotters are onto a good thing.

Watch this space, I’ll put up photos as soon as this darn thing decides to work.

Wordless Wednesday - Sleep is good zzzzzzzzz

Milo and Alfie wrote a lovely post for LiveStrong. So many of you in the CB world were very organised and wrote posts to pay tribute to ones you have lost (both animal and human), and honour those who are currently battling and beating the big c….. I was most impressed and feel awfully guilty that I was nowhere near a computer. I have to admit, I was absolutely useless and can’t even blame the parentals for hogging the computer.
You see, this weekend was the first weekend of absolutely beautiful weather, so I was selfishly outside sunning myself and exploring.

So I’d like to pay a belated, but nonetheless important tribute to my Mum’s first doggie Danny. She says he was the bestest dog ever with the cutest personality. He was a chubby, happy and lovable golden lab… who sadly at the end of of his long life battled with cancer of his throat. I would like to pay tribute to an awesome dog who made my Mum (and Dad, he met him too 8 years ago) very happy. And even though I’m not exactly a fan of dogs (I get a bit scaredoes of them), as far as I’m concerned if my Mum loved him to pieces then he must have been pretty freaking awesome. I’ll try and find a photo and post it up.

This post is in memory of Danny the dog, and Mum’s friend Shaylee, along with her Pa (the ultimate fighter). A big shout out especially to all those currently battling c…. in particular a friend’s son who is trying to get well enough to have a bone marrow transplant.

LiveStrong and LoveStrong,

Oscar xx

No photo today, camera batteries need to be recharged… Where is my assistant to do such things?!

You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had a lot of fun tonight! I played with print outs of mum’s work and turned it into many many pieces!! Sooooo much fun! Mum said I’m lucky I’m cute… She just can’t get angry at me 😉

And last but not least, I’m an official Naughty Kitty Club Member! Perhaps for obvious reasons muhaha. I’ve put my badge on my buddies page (let me know if you want to be my buddy). I think I’ll have to change my WP theme to display it better.


Mancat Monday! That's the right spot!!

Ahhhh that's the right spot!

Fun times being manly on a Monday and scratching (not to worry, no fleas, just that annoying collar!)… check out what that flashy box does to my eyes! Freaky!

Peaceful Sunday

Quiet Time