Just chilling

I’ve had one of those weeks where I just need cuddles. Yes, sometimes as a mancat it is hard to admit these things… but I said it. I even woke my Mum up at 4.30am the other day demanding attention. I think the return of Evil Neighbourhood Kitty has made me quite insecure. I read your comments and many of you told me to be her friend, that she was gorgeous… blah blah blah. Yes, dangit, she is super cute but she is taking over my turf and my parentals go all googoo over her.

This makes me one jealous kitty.

You see, I’ve never had to share the attention before. Since my parentals adopted me, it has been just me and them. One happy family.

But you my friends are wise, and I must take your advice and overcome this irrational issue and be her friend. Maybe I’ll see if she wants to come and chill on my new 3 seater swinging seat on the deck… just as long as it isn’t really windy, then it gets too swingy and I feel funny.

Oscar x

PS: omg it is almost Halloween!!!!!! I can’t wait. I’ve been practicing my scariness and can’t wait to bring it!
It does concern me that I’ve overhead my Parentals say things like Halloween, Oscar, costumes and photograph all in the same sentence… more than once. Could this be what is in store for me?