Milo and Alfie wrote a lovely post for LiveStrong. So many of you in the CB world were very organised and wrote posts to pay tribute to ones you have lost (both animal and human), and honour those who are currently battling and beating the big c….. I was most impressed and feel awfully guilty that I was nowhere near a computer. I have to admit, I was absolutely useless and can’t even blame the parentals for hogging the computer.
You see, this weekend was the first weekend of absolutely beautiful weather, so I was selfishly outside sunning myself and exploring.

So I’d like to pay a belated, but nonetheless important tribute to my Mum’s first doggie Danny. She says he was the bestest dog ever with the cutest personality. He was a chubby, happy and lovable golden lab… who sadly at the end of of his long life battled with cancer of his throat. I would like to pay tribute to an awesome dog who made my Mum (and Dad, he met him too 8 years ago) very happy. And even though I’m not exactly a fan of dogs (I get a bit scaredoes of them), as far as I’m concerned if my Mum loved him to pieces then he must have been pretty freaking awesome. I’ll try and find a photo and post it up.

This post is in memory of Danny the dog, and Mum’s friend Shaylee, along with her Pa (the ultimate fighter). A big shout out especially to all those currently battling c…. in particular a friend’s son who is trying to get well enough to have a bone marrow transplant.

LiveStrong and LoveStrong,

Oscar xx