Meow! I am looking to you all out there for advice on the following:

1) I have a new collar. It is very pretty, but the bell on it is SO LOUD. I mean, how am I meant to catch rats and whatnot now? How will I give my parentals presents?!! Oh the dilemma! I prefer my old bell, it was nice and quiet…. *sigh*

2) I am new to blogging… help! Thank you to all the lovely comments. Many of you are seasoned bloggers… there appears to be a cat blogging system that I wasn’t aware of! Like, ManCat Monday (LOVE this one, being a man cat and all…. yes, it is all about me!) etc. What have you found works for you? What do your readers best respond to?

Time to take a nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

O x