The weekend that was

Much like my own weekend experience

So I thought I was being quite stealth and sneaked into the kitchen cupboards while the Parental’s were preoccupied in the kitchen.

I was so good at being stealth, they didn’t notice! Initially I was chuffed with my awesomeness…. until I realised I was STUCK in the cupboard!

I tried to keep calm, and just chillax. But I couldn’t handle it anymore and tried to get out but couldn’t. Thankfully the Parentals were home, so it only took meowing a few times for them to work out where I was.

The best part of this was THEY felt bad and thought it was all their fault! Brilliant! So I got lots of cuddles and Oscar time!

So I rewarded their awesomeness with an offering: a beautiful, deceased rat.

Yet again, they seemed unimpressed.

O x