So here are my highlights for the week…. just because I can:

1) Getting my bell on my collar stuck under the gap of the toilet door. I was stuck there for a few minutes but managed to get free… along with freeing myself of that irritating bell!!! Yippee!!

Which leads me to:

2) Hunting without a bell!! Oh the excitement! I even brought the Parentals a pressie – a big (dead) black bird. I showed it off to them and they seemed well impressed. Jealous even. They took me to another room while they hid it from me. I know they are super secretly having just as much fun with little black bird as I did. Sometimes you have to take one for the team and share the love.

3) My neighbour leaving her peg basket where I can reach it! I cannot emphasize just how much fun stealing pegs and bringing them home to the Parentals is! Endless entertainment. I just love pegs.

Oscar The Cat Who Blogs LOVES PEGS!

I heart pegs

And last but by no means least:

4) Rubbish night! And this week it was recycling and paperchase too… ahh cardboard to play with!