Ahh Mondays, you make me happy. Oh so happy. I’m told humans don’t like Mondays so much, nor do chickens apparently:

I'm told humans (and chickens apparently) don't like Mondays... not me! I heart Mondays!

Back to me, seeing as it is my blog. Paws down, I absolutely love Mondays.


I’m glad you asked. You see, Monday night everyone puts out their rubbish for collection the next day. This means lots of goodies for me with minimal hunting effort required. I love finding new pressies to bring home to the parentals. So far I’ve brought home plastic bits, cardboard, pegs, a frankfurter, and a rat.

The parentals don’t seem to be so excited by these goodies. I don’t know why… who doesn’t love frankfurters?!

So I’m off. It is dark and there are goodies to be found!